iVardensphere and Cyanotic @ Blackthorn 51.

Hey creepypeople 🙂

It occurs to me that since I do have this blog I should probably use it for something more often. I used to write up concert stuff over at VampireFreaks but I got really, *really* tired of being hit on by children (or in fact, by anyone, but it was mostly people who were young enough to be my kids. Gross.) so I stopped using that account to write anything.

So I figure I can just write music things here. Now you know how we got here.


I dragged myself out the door on Saturday night to go see iVardensphere and Cyanotic and Blackthorn 51 in Queens.  Understand, this place is crazy far from my house. I have missed other shows there before because I just didn’t want to make the trip.  But truly, I really do love iVardensphere so much, I was willing to deal with the hassle.

I was afraid I was running very, very late, because every express train in the city (literally.) was running local due to track work over the weekend. That, and I got turned around once I got above ground and it took me a few minutes to figure out which way to walk (thank you, google maps for saving me) But as happens I didn’t miss anything.  They had a few hyperlocal acts that were on first. and once I was pointed in the right direction it wasn’t hard to find. It’s also conveniently located next door to a diner. I didn’t eat there, but it seems like it would be a good thing, though I’m not sure how late they’re open. I didn’t look.

Izoloscope was supposed to be on this tour but it seems like they had visa trouble, according to their facebook page. Hopefully they can join up next time, as I would like to hear them live at some point.  I do know for sure that iVardensphere had visa issues also and were greatly delayed getting across the border from Canada. (I am SO side-eyeing the DHS right now. Hard. Real tired of the security theater.)  But I ran into Scott Fox just after I walked in the door and he gave me a huge hug, which was lovely, but had the unfortunate side effect of breaking my new necklace (I had just- JUST finished it that morning.)  It was worth it, though. I hadn’t seen Scott in a while, and he really is one of my very favorite Canadians.  The very first track I ever played (ever) on my Nightbreed Radio show was by iVardensphere, and “because iVardensphere” was a Gothika meme for years, so Im a bit of a fan.



Going to shows (any show) is always, ALWAYS an exercise in awkward for me, for several reasons, not the least of which is that I am always alone (which is fine-that’s no problem) but the only friends I have in the room are the people on the stage, who are a little busy.  So I wind up spending my night sort of standing around the merch table looking… well, awkward.  But I did meet the lovely merch queen, Jenny, who was quite friendly and that helped a bit.

I also got to meet Sean Payne from Cyanotic. Now, Sean and I have each other friended on like, all social media everywhere and have for years. He was one of the single first people to friend me on instagram. it was like BOOM, and there was Cyanotic.  First band, straight out the gate. So I was very interested in meeting up with these guys. And they were just lovely. Really sweet and nice and seemed so, so happy that I bought a Cyanotic tshirt. (which I will wear today, actually.)  So happy to have met them all.

Since Izoloscope wasn’t there, Venus in Aries opened up the night and I very much enjoyed their set.  Having never heard them before, I thought they were quite talented.  Like many female fronted bands, they sort of fit into a kind of grey area between “Monday Night” and “Thursday Night” to put it in terms that Gothikans will immediately understand.  But I would definitely spin it.  I didn’t get video, but I did get a couple of photos.


Cyanotic was up after that.  Their guitarist was having some tech trouble for a while, but it seemed to eventually get resolved. The band, however, just accepted it as A Thing That Happens (which it is) and soldiered on, in spectacular Glitchmode style.  Honestly, it was an excellent set, if a bit short (not their fault, the venue was being very strict on time.) I did manage to get two videos.  Disclaimer up front- Im not a videographer- I just happen to have a camera that will film in HD with good audio, and I am always up against the stage, so I have a clear view.  I filmed Alt.Machines and Signal the Machines.



I should mention that I also saw the guys from FGFC820 there as well.  They live nearby, and this is their local club so I figured they might show up.  I got in a quick chat (and big hug) from Dracos, who is SO nice and has been so kind in the past when I’ve needed logo permission for World Goth Fair stuff.  Seriously, industrial folks are freaking awesome. They really are.

Finally, iVardensphere did their set, and it was glorious.  They did Black Lodge live, which was unexpected(I and I got it on video) but the happy moment for me was when they played Bonedance, a song I love so much I named jewelry after it at House of Rain. It’s hard to describe what watching them in person is like. It’s a strange mashup between an industrial set and the world’s best drum circle.  I got 3 videos, with 4 songs – It Is As Blackness Is, Black Lodge (both off of Fable, their most recent release) and Bonedance and Snakecharmer, which were played back to back. There’s points in my video that might be a little jumpy because I was dancing and for some reason my camera refused to focus crisply during Bonedance, but it doesn’t matter. All you have to do is listen.




The set seemed a little short, but again, that wasn’t the band’s fault, but the venue’s.  After it was over, I spoke to Scott briefly, got permission from everyone to post videos, was asked by Sean to post his videos to facebook (ugh, but for Sean, fine.) and left about 1am.

This is relevant because I didn’t actually get home until 3:30. The trains were SO screwed up instead of two trains home, it became three *different* trains, plus a cab.  There was also a police investigation (not my doing) a fight (in which I was not involved, bur you could hear it from Jupiter) and a guy WAY younger than me trying to hit on me on an uptown D train. (he was respectful and polite  (if a bit persistent) but OH MY GOTH, NO for every conceivable reason.) Believe me, I was really happy to be home.  That whole trip home was like a scene out of After Hours.

The bands will be on tour for a while. Tour dates/locations are posted here

So if they happen to be swinging by where you are, please go see them. Tell them I said hi.  But mostly just support the bands and buy merch when you can.  It really does mean a lot to them and they’re incredibly nice people.



Archives going up to Mixcloud.

dead and archived 1a

People have asked me about the archives now that I killed off my 4share accounts. (it really was a pain in the ass.  Seriously.)

Well, okay.  I’ve started uploading all the old sets (do you people even realize how many I have? I mean, I didn’t record any of the ones from 2008-2011, but I have all of them (ALL.) from 2011 on.)

They can all be found at my mixcloud page.

Also, because it’s come up quite a bit lately, I do know how much people miss Gothika. I miss it too.  I didn’t put it on hiatus because I hated it. I put it on hiatus because it was costing me a fortune. Gothika costs about $150USD monthly to run.  That’s the problem, folks.  If I had unlimited cash, I’d reopen it tomorrow, but it’s a lot of money to outlay every month, and there got to be a point where I felt like people didn’t really get how expensive it was, and just weren’t willing to support it.

I would love to reopen it, but I need to feel comfortable about putting that kind of cash out again.

-NO, I am NOT willing to “just not pay the staff.” That is not on the table. Not today, or tomorrow, or ever. *EVERY* person who works at Gothika gets paid.  There will never be an exception to that rule.  Firm line in the sand. I have never let anyone work at Gothika for free and today is not the day I start.  (Yes, in fact, I DO pay Cruel Britannia too. Why do you ask?)

– Gothika MUST be in a place that I control.  The reason why are lengthy, but obvious. Im not listing them because they’re both lengthy and obvious.

-No, Im not interested in moving Gothika to opensim. (before Pie asks. I love you, but no.)

Im giving myself some time- Im uploading all my old sets slowly. By the time I run out of sets, Im sure I will have come to a conclusion about this.




Oopskate is coming.

Oopskate is back.


This year Rupert will be 5. As usual, Rupert needs no presents as he is easily the most spoiled cat on Earth, so we’re going to help someone else out.

Alex King is a member of the industrial band BlakOpz(you may remember them from the band shirt gacha at WGF.) I had the chance to meet him the last time they were in NYC, and thought he was a really sweet person. A couple months ago, I found out his dog Toby was sick. Very sick- to the tune of 8000USD in vet bills sick.

I’ve lived this nightmare before.

A group of people put together a compilation album, called Justicia Pro Bestia (which I bought, and you can buy here) in order to help defray the cost of the ongoing medical treatment for Toby. But more help is needed, and I am all too happy to throw this year’s Oopskate behind Toby’s vet bills.

All proceeds from Oopskate 2013 will go here: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/help-toby, which is the indiegogo fundraiser to help with Toby’s vet bills.

As always, the contest will be Best in Orange, and a bunch of merchants are throwing in with gift certificates for the winner (I’ll post a list before the day of- I need to compile one, first.)
Also as always, there will be exclusives, special colors, and gachas at the Ooprink, proceeds to benefit the indiegogo as well (if you’re a merchant who wants in, let me know asap.)

Further, Alex is offering up RL BlakOpz merch to the contest winner as well.

I’m spinning. Lokii is hosting. Whichever lunatics on staff who sign on are dancing (it’s the one night a year we still have dancers.) Skates are free.
Rupert is happy, safe and healthy. He doesn’t need presents (though he always loves a party.) But Toby needs help, and we can do that.

SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cursed/21/216/503
STREAM: http://aqua.neostreams.info:8036/listen.pls (this will open the .pls file to use in winamp, itunes or whatever you use.)

June 15, 2013

Grab your skates. It’s time.

The Thursday Night Apocalypse 4/4/13 (Live from Gothika)

Click here to download/listen to this set.

2 hours of the stompy stuff, as it is on Thursdays. Due to the night before I had to keep telling people “no, this really isn’t a goth set” several times. But what I can tell you is this is *great* tnagothikaworkout music, seriously. Try it yourself!


The Setlist:

Intro – Star Wars Force Commander – Imperial March (rage mix)
Accessory – Deadline (Emperor mix)
Memmaker – Death Comes (Rotersand Mix)
Imperative Reaction – Side Effect
Pzychobitch -face in your hand
Hocico – Twisted Lines (Boiling Turmoil Remix by Solitary Experiments)
X-RX – Mechanics
Caustic – Floor Whore Disko
hazz[art] -Hell Mary!
***BLAME TONYA*** You Shriek – Adrenochrome
Centhron – Leitwolf
Everything Goes Cold – The Iron Fist Of Just Destruction (Going Hard Remix By Aesthetic Perfection)
Interface – Nobody’s Hero [Vengeance Version]
Combichrist – Can’t Change The Beat (Aesthetic Perfection Remix)
God Module – Telekinetic
Dawn Of Ashes – Portrait Of Homicide (Aesthetic Perfection Mix)
AESTHETIC PERFECTION – he Devil’s in the Details
Faderhead – Take Your Fuckin’ Meds
Ghost & Writer – Hitman
KMFDM – Bait & Switch
Zombie Girl – Fading Away (ZG Version)
Soman – Tears (2008 RMX)
Front Line Assembly – Landslide
Front 242 – Melt
[:SITD:] – Propaganda
XP8 – [The Art Of Revenge (Studio-X Hard Dance Remix)
Blutengel – World Of Ice (Clubfire Remix By Miss Construction)
Boole – Everyday is Halloween

The Wednesday Night Darkwave 4/3/13 (live from Gothika)

Click here to download/listen to this set.

So it was like this…

Earlier that day, there had been a thread on SLU looking for an inworld goth WNDclub. Well, several pages later, it seems we ARE the goth club. I honestly didn’t know that. So I expected the set to be bit more crowded than usual- and it was. Folks, this is an A-Game set. It’s really, really good. You want a goth set? You got one. Grab this one. You won’t be disappointed.

The Setlist:

Intro – Fader Gladiator – Battle of the Planets
Creature Feature – Buried Alive
Angels of Liberty – Eat The Sun
Rosetta Stone – Adrenaline
Grooving In Green – Descent
The Eternal Fall -Broken Dreams
The Last Cry – Broken Hearts
The Mission UK – Deliverance
The Bellwether Syndicate – You Can See Through Me
Solemn Novena – Siren
Veil Veil Vanish – Modern Lust
Blacklist – Poison for Tomorrow
Peter Murphy – Memory Go
The Merry Thoughts – Second Generation
***REQUEST*** The 69 Eyes – Dance d\’Amour
Sisters Of Mercy – Dominion/Mother Russia
Christ Vs. Warhol – And If You Forget
Siouxsie and the Banshees -Love Out Me
Joy Division – Shadowplay
Dr. Arthur Krause – A Higher Dimension
Faith And The Muse – The Burning Season
London After Midnight – Republic
Vendemmian – One Eye Open
Pretentious, Moi? – The Garden
Pretentious, Moi? – Living Dead And Undecided
Calling All Astronauts – Someone Like You
Nosferatu – Bombers
You Shriek – Lilith in Libra
***REQUEST*** The Smiths – How Soon Is Now?
Gary Numan – Slave
Tre’ Lux – Everyday is Halloween

The Monday Night Dark and Sticky 4/1/13 (live from Gothika)

Click here to download/listen to this set.

It helps if I turn the mic on. It went pretty smoothly once I sorted that out.

Some new Depeche Mode in this one. Otherwise a nice, solid Monday night set. mndns

The Setlist:

Intro – Fader Gladiator – Battle of the Planets
Iris – Lose In Wanting
Mesh – I Don’t Think They Know
Depeche Mode – Should Be Higher
Platform One – Private Terrain
Assemblage 23 – Over And Out
New Order – Touched by the Hand of God (12″)
Diorama – Record Deal
Mono Chrome – Indestructible
Ashbury Heights – Kingdom Confession
Monofader – Behind
VNV Nation – Streamline
Melotron – Der Kleine Unterschied / Welt
Frozen Plasma – [Earthling
The Cruxshadows – Quicksilver (Dancefloor Transmission)
And One – Deutschmaschine (clubversion)
Espermachine – Hall of Dreams
Neuroticfish – Prostitute (NYC Club Mix)
Neuroactive – Timemachine (Neurotransmitter Remix)
Cesium 137 – Forsaken
Nitzer Ebb – Down On Your Knees (Kant Kino Mix)
System Syn – An Excuse Never Received
Seabound – Transformer (Stromkern Remix)
Wolfsheim – Once In A Lifetime
De/Vision – The End
TRS-80 – Everyday Is Halloween