The GOTHIKA schedule.

Just to  be clear- this isn’t my personal schedule. It’s the schedule for Gothika. My personal schedule is over there on the page listed “The Schedule of Spin”.

All times are listed in PST (GMT-8) which is the time zone SL runs on.

The Gothika stream is NOT the same stream as my personal one. When I am on the air from Gothika I use *BOTH* my stream and the Gothika stream.  But the club’s stream is here: (this will download a .pls file for you to open in winamp/itunes/whatever)

Obviously the stream is only up if someone is actually down at the circus using it.



Pie Zipper – Sunday Pie (the genre varies.)



8-10pm PST – The Freakkitteh Herself, Ms. Lokii Violet – Spiral Twin Monday  (ebm, industrial, aggrotech)

10-mid. PST – Bronxelf  – The Monday Night Dark and Sticky (synthpop, dark electro, futurepop, ebm, electronica)


8-10pm PST – Pie Zipper – Tuesday Pie (the genre still varies.)



8-10pm PST: The Freakkitteh Herself, Ms.Lokii Violet – Spiral Wednesday (ebm, industrial, aggrotech)

10-mid PST.: Bronxelf – The Wednesday Night Darkwave (gothygothgoth, coldwave, darkwave, postpunk, deathrock, dark indie)


2-4PM PST: Cruel Britannia: Gothika After Hours (goth, wave, dark alternative, bacon.) Hosted by Kostika Mistwalker

10pm-mid. PST: Bronxelf – The Thursday Night Apocalypse (industrial, aggrotech, harsh ebm, jizzcore, hellektro)


8-10pm PST: The Freakkitteh Herself, Ms. Lokii Violet – Spiral Friday (ebm, industrial, aggrotech) Hosted by Rydia Suicide

10-mid. PST: Rydia Suicide (a dark mix of things best left in a coffin.)  Hosted by Lokii Violet.



On Saturdays we’re traditionally closed(we have lives, sort of).

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